Other Key Data for B&H

Other key data for Brighton & Hove


It's Local, Actually: This site maps activities across Brighton & Hove and residents can use the site to find an activity perfect for them. You can see the activities in the map and click on them to find out more http://www.thefedonline.org.uk/services/out-and-about/its-local-actually


Nomis Brighton & Hove labour market profile


Housing costs reports and housing statistical bulletins are quarterly reports on the cost of renting and buy property in Brighton & Hove and quarterly bulletins about local housing and homelessness.

Crime and safety

Key figures on crime and community safety for Brighton & Hove from Neighbourhood Statistics

The Police.uk website provides neighbourhood level information on crimes


Brighton & Hove Health Profile

Public Health England also produce local authority profiles covering specific public health issues - from child health to end of life care – these can be found at http://www.apho.org.uk/

Local Health – a tool by Public Health England with more health data mapped for areas within the city


Search for data by schools and local authority with national comparators from the Department of Education


The National Highways and Transport Network Public Satisfaction Survey measures public satisfaction with highways and transport services, as well as travel behaviour. It is a national survey and allows benchmarking of performance between local highway authorities. Results are available at http://www.nhtnetwork.org/nht-public-satisfaction-survey/findings/

Other data

Neighbourhood Statistics data for Brighton & Hove: http://www.neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk/dissemination/LeadAreaSearch.do?a=7&r=1&i=1001&m=0&s=1401962045329&enc=1&areaSearchText=brighton+and+hove&areaSearchType=13&extendedList=false&searchAreas

Neighbourhoods Statistics: Search for population and other demographic data by local authorities, wards, parishes and other subnational geographical areas e.g. Lower Output Areas (LSOA) and parliamentary constituency. National comparators are also provided as standard. http://www.neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk/dissemination/

Office for national Statistics (ONS) home page: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/index.html From the tabs and links on the home page discover all the data publish by the ONS. Including population estimates and projections, economic and employment data. Browse by theme, search by key words or check for newly released data set.

Open data for Brighton & Hove